At NFPRC, we strive to dedicate our work towards producing high-quality scholarship, thoroughly-researched policy inputs, and a practical as well as sustainable design for social impact. And most importantly, it is our endeavour to create a committed space for a robust public discourse to nurture. By in-depth examination of government policies and providing rigorous research-based inputs, we seek to propose creative policy solutions using systems thinking and second-order principles to help implement policies on the ground in close consultation with the government and public institutions.  Research support in the form of situational analysis papers, approach papers, policy design papers as well as monitoring & evaluation functions would be provided to assist the governments and country’s legislature in their research and informing more thoughtful legislations.


We complement our research by engaging with key stakeholders obtaining their insights for an efficacious and informed decision making. Furthermore, we seek to take our research forward to engage with the government at all levels and in various capacities. At NFPRC, we want be an active voice in policy-making and on-ground implementation by way of engagement with both state and non-state actors, citizen’s groups, policy experts and entrepreneurs. We will leverage our internal capacities, networks and resources to facilitate the provision of expertise to be able to contribute actively to the discourse on selected issues.


Systematic efforts would be undertaken to capacitate internal and external functionaries. Discussions and brain-storming sessions to foster a greater understanding of the economic, technical and political underpinnings of issues so as to be a part of the conversations around it would be undertaken at NFPRC. Experts as well as grassroot organisations will be identified to engage them as part of the subject-wise Research Advisory Groups. Each of such Research Advisory Group will be supported by a working group of researchers led by a Visiting Fellow. NFPRC will hold regular consultations with the Research Advisory Group(s) along with other relevant stakeholders to discuss existing and upcoming policies and their on-ground performance, risk areas and prospective solutions. We will premise our support to the government on extensive research and incisive prescriptions obtained through both, peer-reviewed research for long term projects, as well as quick-turnaround research for actionable agenda.