If you believe in taking a well-grounded, multi-disciplinary and evolutionary approach to policy problems and align with the idea of ‘Nation First’, do check the opportunities currently available

1. Research Fellow

NFPRC is seeking dynamic and enthusiastic scholars to join the team as Research Fellows (RF). As mentioned earlier, each RF will be heading one or more Research Group(s). The RFs will need to drive the research agenda of their research group(s), establish collaborative engagements with the other research groups, as well as help build and add to the intellectually stimulating environment of NFPRC.

As an RF, you will typically have a Doctoral or advanced Master’s/ Post-graduation certificate or degree from a university whose commitment to academic excellence is undisputable. You will also have a policy research and/or policy implementation experience of about five to ten years, preferably in an environment which favours speed although not at the cost of rigor. One may want to draw an analogy from the background of an excellent consultant who has her feet tied to the ground and who recognizes the value of good research; or an academic who aspires to work in an action-packed environment and knows the need for sense of urgency in policy matters. In either case, the idea is to alloy a thinker and a doer, with a little bit of sense of humour (working with government extensively will require the last one the most).

Applicants with a fertile mind and dynamic attitude looking to work in a high action research environment, with an aim to make a difference in the lives of people, may find this opportunity to be of interest. Government, academia and industry will be the intersection of most of the work.

The appointment is full time, and permanent, based out of New Delhi. Travels will be expected.

2. Research Associate

NFPRC is seeking dynamic and enthusiastic young scholars to join the team as Research Associates (RAs). The RAs form the intellectual powerhouse of NFPRC, who drive the aspirations of their team, working directly under one or more RFs. Their research leads the efforts of their team. The appointment is full time, and permanent, based out of New Delhi. Travels will be expected.


The recruitment for positions advertised here is effective immediately, and open until closed. This means that the selection will be rolling in nature. However, applications received before 14 August 2021 11.59pm IST (GMT+5:30) will be given first consideration.

Equal Opportunity

NFPRC is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing a workplace free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying, vilification and victimisation. NFPRC makes decisions on employment, promotion and reward on the basis of merit.

Salary & Benefits

Salary will be competitive. It will be matched with the market standards of a major private consultancy. The scale will indeed depend upon applicant’s merit.

An important aspect will be the opportunity for tremendous growth in terms of salary packages and benefits. As you grow with the NFPRC, the future benefits will continue to rise appropriately. At NFPRC, we do not believe in structured, routine appraisals, but often allow vertical and even sectoral jump to a new domain and position. We cannot guarantee that you will be happy; but we guarantee you will not be bored.

Why should you consider Nation First?

The position offers a rare opportunity to lead and grow in a unique initiative policy advisory and policy implementation landscape in India. It will allow you for working in an interdisciplinary environment with outstanding colleagues, as well as support for developing national research agenda.

Since the organization is in its inception stage, there will be a range of intangible benefits associated with being the ‘founding’ research fellows. This will not only include greater flexibility with meaningful responsibilities but your career growth shall become synonymous with NFPRC’s growth. You will have a unique advantage of shaping the organization as it evolves. This means you will be able to help develop a vibrant, supportive and stimulating environment in the organization, but attracting talent from many different parts of the world. You will enjoy a range of opportunities to create and cultivate the research agenda not just of the organization, but through it, of the nation. In many ways, you will be NFPRC’s partners.

Perhaps one of the most exciting reasons to be part of NFPRC is to assist in nation building, advancing policy research and changing ground realities through working with government closely. This allows for a unique opportunity for a meaningful engagement with our own people, changing their lives for the better and build a better future for our children. NFPRC promises to help build the foundations of a new India.

NFPRC shall be true to its commitment of nurturing and supporting outstanding talents who will serve its evolving requirements and over time, even take on leadership roles.

Location: New Delhi

NFPRC’s offices will be located on 11 Ashoka Road, New Delhi. This may arguably be one of the most important roads in the country, given the impact decision making happening here has on the country. Located in the centre of Lutyens’ Delhi, the office space allows for cross navigation of ideas from the political headquarters of the ruling party, and many other parliamentarians close by. There will be a continuous osmosis from political leadership will allow for considerable learning and impact. This puts NFPRC in a uniquely advantageous position to be able to consult, advise and draw upon the collective learning of the legislators and political leaders of the country, as well as bureaucratic offices located within walking distances in the city. We hope that the office will become an intellectual oasis in the middle of where a policy thinktank should be.

Needless to say, New Delhi is one of the most vibrant cities in India. As the capital of the largest democracy in the world, and in addition to the seat of political power, it is home to some of the most premier higher education institutions of India. Culturally rich, the city boasts of celebrating an unbroken recorded history of more than a thousand years, scattered with fascinating moments of historical significance everywhere. As a melting pot of India’s diversity, the city offers an intellectually stimulating as well as contested terrain of scholars and practitioners alike. The city never ceases to amaze any thinking mind, and offers rich fodder for thought daily. Perhaps engaging with Delhi in many ways prepares anyone to engage with the rising India, with both its pluses and minuses. That is indeed then, a delightful challenge.